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On the heels of his critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling debut novel, The Returned, Jason Mott delivers a spellbinding tale of love and sacrifice 

On an ordinary day, at an air show like that in any small town across the country, a plane crashes into a crowd of spectators. After the dust clears, a thirteen-year-old girl named Ava is found huddled beneath a pocket of rubble with her best friend, Wash. He is injured and bleeding, and when Ava places her hands over him, his wounds disappear. 

Ava has an unusual gift: she can heal others of their physical ailments. Until the air show tragedy, her gift was a secret. Now the whole world knows, and suddenly people from all over the globe begin flocking to her small town, looking for healing and eager to catch a glimpse of The Miracle Child. But Ava's unique ability comes at a great cost, and as she grows weaker with each healing, she soon finds herself having to decide just how much she's willing to give up in order to save the ones she loves most. 

Elegantly written, deeply intimate and emotionally astute, The Wonder of All Things is an unforgettable story and a poignant reminder of life's extraordinary gifts.

The Wonder of All Things

by Jason Mott

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Having read Jason Mott's debut novel The Returned (which has since been made into a TV series), I knew that I could expect this book to be a well-written page turner. I was not disappointed. From page one, I found this story to be one that kept me on the edge of my seat, and since it has children as two of its main characters, this book, although geared more for adults, could also easily cater to an older teen reader.


The Wonder of All Things is a story that, at first, seems to be just your run-of-the-mill fiction novel, but then things start to change--for the better. How about a little bit of the supernatural thrown into the mix? In this book, even the most out there ideas seem possible and maybe even typical. Ava and Wash are two youngsters found in the twisted remains of a plane crash. What started out as a fun and entertaining day of watching a pilot show off his skills at an air show quickly turned foul when something went wrong with the plane. Ava, a sweet young girl who is stronger than anyone could ever imagine, sees her friend Wash struggling to survive, and takes the given opportunity to hold him and comfort him. In all of the chaos, no one notices something very odd that is occurring--something that will change many people's lives. The question is, for the better or for the worse?


As I read the story of Ava and Wash and their tight-knit town, I could easily feel how much support and love was being poured out,  but also at times, hate and fury. Any time there is something that strays from the typical, there is going to be the lovers and the haters. I enjoyed seeing how a tragedy turned around into something of a miracle, even in the direst of circumstances.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  4 religious exclamations; 7 mild obscenities; 1 derogatory name; 2 scatological words; 1 F-Word derivative.


Violence/Gore:  A plane crash occurs, the pilot dies and blood is described along with injuries of passengers; an accident occurs, some blood is mentioned; a character is mentioned t o have committed suicide, the methods used are mentioned; a man is mentioned to be physically abusive to his kids; children go missing.


Sex/Nudity:  Minors kiss twice; a man has a mature discussion about sex with his son.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death, personal crises.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Adults drink; a man is mentioned to be a drunk; adults are mentioned to smoke.

Reviewed By Lydia
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