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Homer's epic tale of the warrior Odysseus's decades-long struggle to return home after the Trojan War is simply and beautifully retold, with all the drama intact. Young readers will thrill at Odysseus's adventures with the man-eating Cyclops; the enchantress Circe, who turns his crew into pigs; and the angry sea god Poseidon.

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The Odyssey (Classic Starts)

by Homer

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Ah, the joys of the Greeks and Mythology! This little book is a ‘Classic Start’—in other words, it’s a watered-down version intended to whet the appetites of young readers for the originals.  I loved reading this condensed version of Odysseus’s travels after the Trojan War.  Young people will love reading about the fight with the Cyclops, passing the Scylla monster, listening to the Sirens, and sitting in on a visit to Hades!   We get to know some of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses as they meddle in the lives of the mortals.  This abridgement of Odysseus’s journey is very well written.   For young readers interested in learning more about Mythology, this is a great place to start!

Content Analysis:  

There are a few instances of mild violence.  Since it is the abridged version, it is VERY tame. When the Greek gods are involved, there are always wars and fighting and plans to kill people and take revenge on someone.  The gods are usually angry at someone or other and try to punish them—in this instance there were many storms at sea.  A Cyclops eats men for breakfast and dinner.  The men, in turn, stab the Cyclops in the eye and blind him.  A monster eats men as they pass through a spot in the ocean.  There are plots for murder and revenge; beggars are made to fistfight; there is a great fight at the end to defeat the ‘evil’ suitors.  It is all stated in a very matter-of-fact way without any blood or gore.

Mature Subject Matter:  

The mature themes are fairly mild.  There is the mythology itself with its myriad gods and goddesses.  They cast spells to make people more brave, beautiful, afraid, etc.  There is the theme of home and family: of staying faithful to those you love and never losing hope no matter what.

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