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With her body still recovering from last year's cancer treatments, Leigh Tressman is determined to be independent. Despite the interference from her overprotective brother, the ever-expanding line of young men ready to fall in love with her--not to mention the physical frustrations and spiritual dilemmas Leigh discovers what it actually means to stand on her own and learns that love can be found in unexpected but comfortable places.

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The Next Door Boys

by Jolene B. Perry

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The Next Door Boys by Jolene B. Perry portrays an independent character, Jane, entering college to find her way to freedom.  Situations lie around every bend, which make Jane more dependent on her brother and his roommate (aka the boys next door).  Readers will identify with Jane as she flies along the roller coaster ride of identity-struggle, as both reader and Jane feel the heartache of a girl trying to find herself.  The experiences are vivid while the diction provides words that carry a sting as well as a caress. As her life spirals out of control, Jane’s relationships go flying and she is forced to scramble for those relationships she wants to hang onto and those she is willing to let go.  The Next Door Boys provides a close-up of the courage necessary to untangle one’s own life.

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Sexual content is seen in descriptions of factors related to infertility. 

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Mature themes include fatal illness, infertility, and war. 

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