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When Luke McCutcheon stumbles across a pregnant widow on his family’s cattle drive to Montana, he’s her only chance at safety—and she’s his last, best chance at love.

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Montana Dawn

by Caroline Fyffe

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Montana Dawn will soften your heart and leave you wanting more when this beautiful story finally comes to a close.  Caroline Fyffe's ability for writing astonishingly realistic characters is unequivocal.  She brings to life characters who deepen the meaning of loyalty and love, and who prove that family bonds are stronger than blood.  Watching the main characters, two secretly lonesome individuals, find fulfillment and peace with one another is captivating.  Montana Dawn tames the wild west with the soothing balm of love and acceptance in a romance that will sweetly haunt you long after you're through.

Content Analysis:  

There were mild profanities throughout this entire story, and two strong swearing incidents. 


Mild sexual content was found throughout the entire story, and included mild sexual thoughts and feelings that characters had for one another.  There were several passionate kisses, a mild instance of a male character looking at a female while she is nursing and thinking about her sexually, and a mild instance where a female character offers herself to a man to thank him for his help.  The main character is nursing her baby throughout the story, which, in and of itself, I did not find any problem with.  But often, the act of nursing was described in a more sexual nature, not just matter-of-fact. 


The violence included a woman and son being afraid of men because of their experiences with an abusive husband/father (but nothing was ever detailed about their past experiences), fist fights, a cowboy who had to shoot an injured horse, two instances of characters getting shot and wounded, and a mild instance of violence where a woman is emotionally and physically coerced into getting married. There was a very detailed description of a hanged man. 

Mature Subject Matter:  

The mature theme rating of moderate was given due to the very detailed births of two babies (detailed but not inappropriate or overdone at all), discussion of character's fears because of past domestic abuse and fear of future abuse, adult relationships, blackmail, and complex family relationships and experiences.

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