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In her first book, Olympic silver medalist Noelle Pikus-Pace shares ten vital lessons that have been instrumental to her success—in sports and in life. From overcoming devastating injuries to pursuing her dreams despite feelings of inadequacy and loneliness to maintaining her values in the face of extreme pressure, Noelle tells of heartbreak and triumph in a warm, conversational style as she shares insights to help others focus on the right priorities and find the faith to stay strong. With dozens of full-color photographs, motivating observations, and soul-searching reflections, chapters such as "You Always Have a Choice," "Dare to Stand Alone," and "The World Is Watching" offer a unique perspective for readers of all ages as they strive to stay on track the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.

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Focused: Keeping Your Life on Track, One Choice at a Time

by Noelle Pikus Pace

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Focused: Keeping Your Life On Track, One Choice at a Time is an excellent motivational read. Written by Olympic silver medalist Noelle Pikus Pace, the book's tone is incredibly warm and inviting. Made up of a combination of inspirational quotes, poems, and anecdotes, the book is absolutely beautiful, with a stunning layout and vivid pictures. Pikus Pace does more than explain her unique perspective as a wife, mother, student, and elite athlete, but shares numerous analogies and touching life lessons from her experiences. Her stories emphasize the importance of making good choices, working towards goals, maintaining balance, and having a positive body image. With such important themes, Focused would be especially appropriate for teenage girls or young women to read. This is a highly recommended, feel-good read!

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Profanity/Language None


Violence/Gore:  Description of a bloody and gory accident.


Sex/Nudity:  Author mentions kissing her husband.

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