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Everybody calls Phillip Isaac Penn, Pip. And usually they yell it at the top of their lungs. Sure he might forget to close the classroom mice's cage door, or leave his mother's hair dryer in bathtub (hey, it's unplugged), and he might even make it so that Liar Lizzy gets caught, but that doesn't make him bad. It's just not easy being a kid.

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The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn

by Donna Peterson

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Have you ever wondered why there's always that one kid that gets into so much trouble? I know I sure have and Pip will tell you all about it in The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn by Donna L. Peterson. Each chapter is a story in it's own as Pip (aka Phillip Isaac Penn) goes about his daily routine, somehow managing to always get into trouble. Pip is so sick of hearing his own name, especially when people yell it. You'll step into a week of his life and understand why he gets into so much trouble. He's the one that gets bullied around and somehow he winds up getting the detention. His mom, dad and even sister are always telling him what he can and can't do and don't even take time to listen to him. Every day has a new adventure, I mean how was Pip supposed to know not to put the blow dryer in the bathtub to get the glue off, “it's unplugged... knowing that would make mom a lot happier. It's not easy being a kid.” Pip even tries to take matters into his own hands once when the teacher doesn't believe that the new kid stole his shiny silver dollar. I had such a good laugh and couldn't help reading pieces out loud to my family. This book is definitely recommended to any child and will quickly become a favorite to read out loud.

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For the content found in The Misadventures of PIP, there are times when he thinks about tripping another character. Pip does seem to argue but he quickly understands that arguing will only get him in more trouble. Characters bully Pip a couple times at school, there is always a resolution though. Kids that are well-behaved will understand a little better why those that misbehave do so. Those kids that misbehave may be able to relate with Pip. All in all there really are no issues with content in this book, you and your children will get a good kick out this read.

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