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It’s the summer of 2008. For the past decade Nick and Bryony Skinner and their four children have ridden high on the economic boom, but their luck is about to run out. Suddenly, the privileged family finds itself at the center of a financial scandal:
their Central London house is besieged by the press, Nick disappears, and Bryony and the children become virtual prisoners in their own home. And Ali, their trusted nanny, watches it all. As the babysitter, she brings a unique insider-outsider perspective to the family, seeing far more than even the family itself is capable of. But when a reporter with a personal connection to the story comes asking her for the inside scoop, will Ali remain loyal to the family who never saw her as anything other than the help? Or will she tell her side?Written with Fiona Neill’s delicious humor and addictive style, What the Nanny Saw is a keenly observed, often comical chronicle of the urban wealthy elite, of parents who are often too busy to notice what is going on under their own noses, of children left to their own devices, and of a young nanny thrown into a role she doesn’t know how to play. It is a morality tale of our time, a tale of betrayal, the corrosive influence of too much money, and why good people sometimes do bad things.

What The Nanny Saw

by Fiona Neill

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While I was reading this book, I felt as though I were actually living the life of Ali, the main character, in this captivating story that could be a very believable headline story in People magazine. Author Fiona Neill did a magnificent job of making sure every detail was accounted for when she wrote this novel that chronicles a scandal that occurs involving a wealthy family, their children, and their beloved nanny. I was easily caught up in this fast-paced story.


What The Nanny Saw is a prime example of what an excess of money and power can do not only to a person, but to a family and their friends. Briony and Nick Skinner have just hired a new nanny, and though they know little about her, they quickly accept her as one of their own. But sometimes we trust too soon, and in this case, it might cost the Skinner family dearly.


I have always thought the job of being a nanny would be something like Mary Poppins--a pleasant job taking care of sometimes unpleasant children. However, the point I took away from this book is that nanny-ing isn't always like that. Ali seemed to be more of an onlooker, and though she is accepted into the Skinner family with open arms, she doesn't ever seem to find her place. Even taking care of the kids she is in charge of is pushed to the background as she gets caught up in the more adult world of politics and money.


This was a fun read that I had been anticipating for a long while. I am glad I finally read it, and I would highly recommend it. I can't really put a finger on what other titles this book compares to, but perhaps it is best described as a Mary Poppins for grown-ups.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  3 religious exclamations; 7 mild obscenities; 6 derogatory names; 6 scatological words; 5 anatomical terms; 5 F-Word derivatives.


Violence/Gore:  A character is injured and mentioned to be bleeding; a war scene is mentioned and blood is briefly described.


Sex/Nudity:  Nudity and sex acts briefly mentioned several times; one clinical depiction of nudity; adults kiss; minors are mentioned to be sexually active, no descriptions are given; adult nudity with sexual innuendo is mentioned once, with no explicit description; downloading porn is mentioned; one brief explicit sex scene between adults is mentioned; an affair is mentioned several times; adults are mentioned to be at a club and lap dances are performed; sex is referred to several times; sex is implied several times in non-descriptive scenes.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Embezzling, partying, theft.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Adults drink; adults smoke; minors drink; heroin use mentioned; smoking dope is mentioned several times.

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