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The only thing Avery Hood can remember about the night her parents died is that she saw silver—deadly silver, moving inhumanly fast. As much as she wants to remember who killed them, she can't, and there's nothing left to do but try to piece her life back together. Then Avery meets the new boy in school—Ben, mysterious and beautiful, with whom she feels a connection like nothing she's ever experienced. When Ben reveals he's a werewolf, Avery still trusts him—at first. Then she sees that sometimes his eyes flash inhuman silver. And she learns that she's not the only one who can't remember the night her parents died.  Part murder mystery, part grief narrative, and part heart-stopping, headlong romance, Low Red Moon is a must-read for teen paranormal fans. As breathless as Twilight and as spooky as Shiver, this is a book to be devoured in one sitting—by an acclaimed YA author making her paranormal debut under the pseudonym Ivy Devlin.

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Low Red Moon

by Ivy Devlin

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Reminiscent of the Twilight series, Ivy Devlin brings a new work to the paranormal world of warewolves and hopelessly condemned love with her novel Low Red Moon.  Avery was the sole witness to the brutal murder of her parents, but the experience was so traumatic, her mind has blocked most of it out!  She is the only key to finding out who really killed her parents—and others living nearby—and that person (or thing) will stop at nothing to stop her…unless they can’t remember either!!

The writing in this book was fascinating.  You can feel the deep emotion involved: grief, fear, passion.  You feel disjointed and lost—almost as if you yourself have personally undergone severe loss and trauma.  The style of writing has you feeling as if there’s something trying to come into the perimeters of your vision and consciousness, but it never quite makes it out into the open.  We are trying to rack our memory right along with Avery as she tries to solve the murder.

There were some pretty interesting twists and turns along the way!  I admit to being surprised at the outcome!  And—Reader Beware!—while there is a decent amount of closure, there is definitely a wide opening for a sequel!  Engrossing and fast paced, Low Red Moon will keep you up at nights long after you’ve finished the last page!

Content Analysis:  

There were a few crude words used (3), and there were 4 instances of the ‘four-letter’ variety of profanity.

The entire preface of this book is that a girl’s parents are murdered and she needs to find out what happened.  The instances of violence vary in degree from fairly mild to very extreme.  A character has continual flashbacks to when her parents were killed.  The experience was so traumatic, that her brain has blocked it from her mind—but we do see each experience, flashback and nightmare she has with vivid detail.  These scenes are repeated often as she remembers and once in awhile there is a little more detail, each one being more graphic than the last and culminating with the actual occurrence which was very extreme and detailed.  There are many scenes where murdered (‘mutilated’ was a word that was used and expounded upon) bodies are described, and there is always copious amounts of blood.  Many characters are killed.  A character threatens and attacks others with an ax.  A character is a warewolf and hunts animals in the forest.  Characters defend themselves in a fight with gardening tools.

There is a love story that goes along with the murder mystery.  Two characters are drawn to each other, and there are many thoughts of desire and ‘wanting’ all throughout the story.  There are some innuendoes as those thoughts begin to wander (a character wonders what it would be like to sleep with another, etc.).  There were 3 detailed make-out scenes that involved a lot of heavy kissing, feelings of passion, and descriptions of touching, etc.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Some of the mild mature themes would be dealing with change in life, relationships (family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends), and learning to love and trust in others.  There were more moderate themes of murder (watching your family be murdered), experiencing severe trauma (including the nightmares/visions that follow such occurrences), and the overall feeling of overwhelming grief, fear and darkness.

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