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Charley knows a lot about pain. She endures it when she walks on her newly shattered leg, she sees it when her father buries himself in an eighty-hour work week, and she runs from it when she sees photographs her mother took before her death. Then one day, Charley meets a wild, abused dog that knows as much about pain as she does, and, despite herself, she feels an immediate connection and vows to help him. But how will one heartbroken girl help mend the battered spirit of an untamable dog?


by Stephanie S. Tolan

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Listen! realistically portrays a twelve-year-old girl, Charley, healing from the pain of her mother’s death and her own badly injured leg. Her growth parallels her patient efforts to befriend a wild dog. Animal lovers will eat this book up!

Charley encounters the dog in the first chapter; readers who become involved in Charley's training efforts will find themselves caught up in this gentle tale.

Reading Level: 5, range 3.2-6.6.

Of interest to girls.

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Death of a parent

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Adults drink, accepted

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