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by Diane Cook

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 Mahatma Gandhi’s life is told with vivid pictures in this brief biography. Beginning with his unremarkable youth in India, the author describes Gandhi’s life as a law student in England, his work for Indians in South Africa, and his Noncooperation Movement that freed India of British rule.

The book describes in simple terms his march to the sea to protest the salt tax, his efforts to have Indians spin and weave their own cloth, his protest fasts, and his desire for a state where Muslims and Hindus would live in peace. The book acknowledges that not all his goals were accomplished but that his ideas still influence the world.

The book moves at a quick pace, but teens and tweens may need an introduction to Gandhi to help them understand his importance. Once they have that sense, they'll likely find this biography intriguing.

Although this book doesn’t mention the influence of Gandhi’s philosophy on Martin Luther King, Jr., discussing the tie-in may help teens and tweens relate to this person who lived so far away and in another century.

Reading Level: 8.4, range 5.8-10.5.

Of interest to boys and girls.

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Descriptions of beatings, the Massacre of Amristar, Gandhi's assassination—not graphic. 

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Assassination, civil rights, peace.

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