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The legendary love story, the bestselling hardcover novel of all time, and the major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. This is the story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for fulfillment of a girlhood dream. It shows readers what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same again.

The Bridges of Madison County

by Robert James Waller

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Typically, I would not pick up a book that is this old. The fact that the copy my library owns is showing that age didn't help any in the eye-appeal department, but I have been extra reminiscent lately about my grandmother who passed away late last year, and this book meant a lot to her. Apparently she could relate well with the lives the main characters lead--so well that she wrote a letter to the author telling him how much she liked his book.


I liked this book too. It was a simple story that at times held a little too much romance for my taste, but the way the characters were written was so vivid and lively that I didn't mind as much. This is a story of a man and a woman who are leading lives that they almost seem to be tired of, and then when they meet each other their lives are flipped upside down and everything seems bright and full of pizazz. I appreciated how the author added tidbits of information of the past throughout the story of present day, so as a reader, I could understand how the lives of the man and woman and their families turned out. If you have not yet read this book, you should. It's quick and melancholy, but well worth it.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  6 religious exclamations; 3 mild obscenities.


Violence/Gore:  None


Sex/Nudity:  Adults kiss multiple times; adults swim nude with some brief sexual innuendo; adults are mentioned to have sex several times; one brief scene of adults with some sexual innuendo; adults touch/caress.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Divorce, adultery.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Adults drink alcohol; adults smoke.

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