Publisher's Note:  

Yes, it's true: Daniel X is special. X-traordinarily special.

He may be just a kid, but Daniel is strong enough to fight anything in the world. And it's a good thing, because not many guys you meet have a host of deadly criminals hunting them to the ends of the Earth. And none of them are extraterrestrials.

Daniel is the only one who might be able to eliminate every last intergalactic evil on the List of Alien Outlaws on Terra Firma. Because the greatest superpower isn't to be part spider and part man, or to cast magic spells - the ultimate gift is the power to create.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

by James Patterson

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Overall Review:  

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by Alex Patterson is part Men in Black, part I Am Number Four, and part superhero story.  Character development?--Not so much.  Intricate Plot?--Nope.  Careful exposition and explanations?--Not really.  Baby, this is all about the action!  New York Times Best Selling author Patterson is a master at the action/thriller novel.  Having brought that touch to the young adult demographic with his Maximum Ride series, he now brings a science fiction thriller that rips right along.  Plentiful pop culture references and entertaining internal monologuing by the fifteen year old protagonist, Daniel, are sure to entertain.  This may not be high literature, but it is a novel with guy-read stamped all over it and it should suck in even a reluctant, skeptical teenage reader.  Fast-paced for a fast read.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  1 religious exclamation; 5 mild obscenities; 2 anatomical terms.


Violence/Gore:  A few separate descriptions of aliens that are detailed, creepy, and gross; character lists things that have happened to him in the past; scene (non-detailed) of death of parents and child hears what is happening; fire results in destruction of property; a few frightening dreams are described; character says he destroys an alien by ripping it to shreds; character struggles and punches another; character knocks another into a bucket; animal attacks a character's face; confrontation involving shooting, crashing, etc. resulting in minor injuries; kidnapping; character clawed and slimed; character shot point blank in stomach, blood mentioned; destroyed civilization is viewed; character is shot at; character has operation, no details but bloody instruments are seen on a table; character/alien battle to the death, a few details and brief description.


Sex/Nudity:  Flirting; character attracted to another; kiss on the cheek.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death of a parent, genocide, child slavery, abduction.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Children forced to sell drugs; child slave labor to roll cigarettes; creature smokes a cigar.

Reviewed By Cindy
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