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Once upon a time in the kingdom of Ardendale there lived a spirited princess named Ivy, who had no interest in being rescued by Prince Charming, and an undersized dragon named Elridge, who was better at solving word puzzles than breathing fire. Sailing into this world on a ship made of whale bones came Romil, a handsome prince with dastardly designs on Princess Ivy and her kingdom. Ivy and Elridge, both disappointments to their families, join forces to try and thwart Romil's evil plot. In the process these traditional enemies become fast freinds, discover hidden strengths, and earn the respect of all who know them. Full of humor and high adventure--and plenty of slightly skewed fairy-tale motifs--this frothy fractured fairy tale is sure to delight young readers.

Ivy's Ever After

by Dawn Lairamore

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What is a princess to do if she doesn't want to sit in a tower waiting to be rescued? What is she to do if she doesn't even want to be a typical proper princess? In Ivy's Ever After by Dawn Lairamoore, we meet one such princess. Ivy is the spunky and clever princess of Ardendale, who prefers running around outside to embroidering inside. She is determined to not follow the rules, especially the ones of the Dragon Treaty, which require her to sit inside a tower until a prince comes and slays the dragon guarding it. And on top of it all she has plans to save her kingdom as well.


The fact that Ivy is not your typical princess helps her in her quest to save the kingdom and also helps the reader like her even more. It's fun to read about a princess who gets into and out of scrapes using her quick wit and ingenuity, who doesn't mind getting dirty in the process, and who chooses to befriend a dragon along the way. If you are looking for a different take on the typical fairy tales and happily ever afters, Ivy's Ever After is a must read. It still has all of the elements of a great fairy tale like dragons, a fairy godmother, treasure, and a handsome prince, but it's a different happily ever after than you'd expect.

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Profanity/Language:   None

Violence/Gore:  All violence is of the fairy tale type including trolls talking of eating the human, swamp sprites attacking humans, attack by giant squid and giant spider, human and dragon fight each other; one account of character threatening to kill another character.


Sex/Nudity:  None

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Death of parent

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Group of men described as being drunk.

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