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Chapel Ryan isn't crazy. At least, that's what she's been trying to convince herself of for most of her life. But after being hallucination-free for three years, Chapel finds herself facedown on her English classroom’s gritty linoleum floor. When she looks up, everyone around her is suspended in animation. Mouths hang open mid-yawn, feet hover mid-cross, Ms. Freeman’s arm flexes mid-sentence diagram. It's another hallucination. Or, is it? Chapel prepares to tear herself back to reality when something happens. Something that has never happened before in any of her hallucinations--someone moves. And not just any someone—it’s the new guy with a scar over his lip and a reputation as black as his perfectly styled hair. And all of the sudden Chapel's white-knuckle grip on her life has slipped, and with it, her assurance that what she's experiencing isn't real.

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by Holly Lauren

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With the large amount of young adult fiction being published today, it can be difficult to know where to start. I am guilty of judging books by their covers, even though from experience I know covers don't always tell the whole story--usually far from it. Book covers seem to get more and more intriguing as time goes on--some of them allude to what is inside the book, and some of them don't. Feel free to judge Tempus by its cover. I'm pretty sure you will decide to read it, and you won't be disappointed!


This book started out strong and kept getting better as it went. A little bit of suspense, romance, and family drama makes for an interesting story that is a little different from today's typical teen novel. If you need a break from The Hunger Games and Divergent, and are looking for a well-written debut novel, you might find Tempus to be just the book you need to pull you in and entertain you for a few hours!

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  2 religious exclamations; 1 derogatory name.


Violence/Gore:  Two of the characters get in a fistfight, a bloody nose is the outcome; a group of characters is chased down by a violent enemy, several of the characters incur injuries and blood is mentioned; homes are mentioned to be broken into and items stolen; a character dies and murder is suspected; a father is mentioned to have been killed; a character has what may be considered scary hallucinations.


Sex/Nudity:  Teens kiss multiple times.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Loss of a parent.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Teens party and drink several times.

Reviewed By Lydia
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