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Ruth Chew's chapter books are full of simple, matter-of-fact magic that's sure to enchant budding fantasy readers.

Nora Cooper and her brother Tad don't know what to make of their new neighbor Maggie Brown. She loves animals and has lots of them—a cat, a parakeet, a dog, and a large black lizard. The other cats and birds in the neighborhood seem to like Maggie as well. And Maggie makes the most delicious fudge. In fact, her fudge is so good, after one piece it almost seems as if Tad and Nora's father are becoming animal lovers . . . and after several pieces, Nora can even have a conversation with the family dog, Skipper. But what happens when you eat one piece too many?

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No Such Thing As A Witch

by Ruth Chew

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What would you do if a witch moved in next door? Nora and Tad discover the answer to that question when they make friends with their new neighbor, who has a house full of interesting animals and is famous for her decidedly unusual fudge.


No Such Thing As A Witch is a simple, readable classic that would be great for both young children as a read-aloud and older children who are just getting into chapter books on their own. I enjoyed the interesting, gentle storyline and the unique use of magic; my only complaint about the book was that I found myself wishing to know more about Maggie!

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