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Happy Birthday to Compass Book Ratings!

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Picture of a boy blowing out candles on a cakeMarch 19, 2013 is the one year anniversary of Compass Book Ratings.  On this date in 2012, we flipped the switch on our new website with a searchable database (If you haven’t tried it, you really should!) and our new name, Compass Book Ratings.   (We were formerly Squeaky Clean Reads.)  A lot has happened in the past year.  Among our reviewers there have been three new babies, one more baby on the way, a new job, a couple of moves (one of them from Finland to Jordan!), illness and hospitalization, kid events, the addition of reviewers, and a lot of other life events for the reviewing team here at Compass Book Ratings.

Our most significant achievement might be the reviewing and rating of 476 books in the last 365 days.  That is a lot of books for people who have day jobs–which is pretty much all of us!  We converted the website with a starting base of 228 book reviews from the Squeaky Clean Reads website so that bumps us to 704 reviews for our first anniversary.  Thank you to all the Compass Book Ratings Reviewers for sharing their time and insights.  We hope that as a site user you will pass on the word about Compass Book Ratings so that more people will be able to find the perfect book for them or their family.

– Cindy M., Editor

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