Picture of a boy blowing out candles on a cake

Compass Book Ratings Celebrates Its 3rd Birthday

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Picture of a boy blowing out candles on a cake

It is true!  Compass Book Ratings went live on March 19, 2012 with 228 reviews.  We have come so far!

By the numbers:

3 – Number of years we have been posting free content reviews
1700 – The approximate number of book and content reviews in our database.
A Bazillion – The hours of content reviewing provided by our generous reviewers.
$0 – The cost to you to use our website!


So, in honor of our 3rd anniversary, “like me”!

Last year for our 2nd birthday, we had a “Tell 2” campaign.  This year we are asking for 3!

Click the icons to Like and follow CBR on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and get 3 friends to do the same.  This is your way to give back to Compass Book Ratings for all the free content reviews we post.  Or, just spread the word about Compass Book Ratings in 3 different ways–email, forward our newsletter, Tweet, good old fashioned talk–anything would be great.  Thank you for your support!