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Interview with Deborah Hopkinson, Author of A BANDIT’S TALE

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Author Deborah Hopkinson is a queen of middle grade historical fiction.  Her latest work, A Bandit’s Tale:  The Muddled Misadventures of a Pickpocket, is set in New York City in the late 1800’s.  When we were given the opportunity to interview her, we jumped at the chance. Compass Book Ratings:  April is Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Month.  Given the themes in A …

Melanie Kerr, Author

Meet Author Melanie Kerr

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If you are a Jane Austen fan, then you just might want to check this author out! Melanie Kerr is the author of Follies Past and Mary Green; both are Regency Era novels.  Our reviewer, Rachel, has reviewed both books and highly recommends them.  When Rachel had the opportunity to ask Melanie some questions, she jumped at it! Rachel, CBR:  What …

Last Stop on Market Street, Book Cover

2016 Newbery Winner and Honor Books

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When the 2015 Newbery books were announced, Compass Book Ratings did not have a single one in our database.  We have them now, but in January 2015 we were caught a little flat-footed.   However, when the 2016 Newbery books were announced, we were already ahead of the game; we already had all three 2016 Newbery Honor books in our database.  …

Newbery Winner Seal

2015 Newbery Winners

Executive Editor Award Winners, Book Buzz

Yes, we know that they were announced last January, but we finally have reviews in our database for all the 2015  Newbery books.  (Hey, it was a busy year here at Compass Book Ratings!) The selections were an unconventional lot, but our reviewer loved them all.  So, while you are waiting for the announcement of the 2016 Newbery later this …

2000th Book Review Posted at Compass Book Ratings

2,000th Book Review Posted!

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With the posting of the book review and content analysis of A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck, Compass Book Ratings now has 2,000 book reviews in our database.  We fired-up the website on March 19, 2012 with 228 reviews from our predecessor site, Squeaky Clean Reads.  Thanks to some hard-working reviewers we have added 1,772 book reviews with rated …

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Give the Best Books! 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Executive Editor Book Buzz, Gift Suggestions

Compass Book Ratings is back with our annual recommendations for your 2015 gift giving!  We have to admit that some of the categories were tough to fill this year, but there are some gems! Here are some of our favorite reads from 2015 broken down by demographic group.  As always we not only picked great reads, but some that are …

Speculative Fiction Book Blog Swap

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Blogger and author Joyce Alton is hosting a Speculative Fiction Book Spotlight Blog Swap for the month of October, focusing on clean fiction. If you are a speculative fiction author who would like some free publicity for your book(s); past, present, or coming soon; indie or traditionally published; email Joyce at joycealton at ymail.com to get the spotlight worksheet to …

2015 Summer Reading List for Young Adults - Image of beach boardwalk with towels and shoes

Summer Reading List for 2015 Young Adult Readers

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Finally!  No more school and you can read what you want.  (Unless you have AP classes, and then you have our condolences!)  Here is our hand-picked list of books for a teenager summer reading list.  We have selected twelve books (which, not coincidentally, is the approximate number of weeks in the summer).  Be sure to reward yourself with something delicious …

2015 Summer Reading List Middle Grade Books, picture of kids outside

Summer Reading List 2015 for Middle Grade Readers

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Love, love, love everything about summer!  The beach, camping, sunsets, Fourth of July, vacations–it is all wonderful, but the best part may be no homework!  But a delicious book isn’t work, it is just fun.  So we hand-picked twelve books to read this summer (which, not coincidentally, is approximately one book per week).  Our focus was to pick fun reads …