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Announcing the Winners of the #LoveToReadCBR Contest

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The winner of the #LoveToReadCBR Contest is Abigail, who wrote:

“What do I love about Compass Book Ratings? Top of the list would be that you don’t just give a reviewer’s opinion on a book’s content, but instead try to provide an objective listing that lets me make my own assessment of whether I think a book worth trying. You’re like my own personal book detectives!” – Abigail

Our official judges, Sally and Jenny, really liked the idea that we are “personal book detectives”.

The runner-up was  Deliese, who wrote:

“I have home-schooled all seven of my voracious book-reading kids. While I would love to read everything that they do, I simply cannot keep up. Because character matters, the books we read build our character, and the therefore the content of the books matters, this site has been a haven for me. “Mom, I need something to read. What’s on Compass Books?” We have never been let down or had a dubious surprise from a book reviewed on this site. It’s my home away from library! Thanks for all you do!” – Deliese

Sally and Jenny choose this entry because it showed how a busy mom uses our site–which is EXACTLY why we do this!


Both our winner and our runner-up came from Facebook entries.  Thank you to all who sent in entries and thank you to those who throughout the year send us fan emails.  We appreciate the encouragement to keep writing reviews that you find useful.

Happy Reading!

Cindy, Executive Editor