2016 Summer Reading List Middle Grade Books, Graphic

Summer Reading List 2016 for Middle Grade Readers

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Take a break from school reading to read what you want!  Summer reading is the best, whether it is at the beach, in your bed, or in a tree house.  We have selected 12 terrific reads to fill your 12 weeks of summer.  There were a lot of great options this year in the middle grade category because there have …

2016 Summer Reading List for Young Adults, Graphic Image

Summer Reading List 2016 for Young Adults

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Have you noticed how summers seem to be getting shorter?  (Terrible!)  All the more reason to queue up your summer reading list early.  Like last year, we decided to go with twelve hand-picked selections that are all wildly different from each other.  (That is approximately one book for each week of summer–unless your school district is truly evil and you …