2015 Summer Reading List for Young Adults - Image of beach boardwalk with towels and shoes

Summer Reading List for 2015 Young Adult Readers

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Finally!  No more school and you can read what you want.  (Unless you have AP classes, and then you have our condolences!)  Here is our hand-picked list of books for a teenager summer reading list.  We have selected twelve books (which, not coincidentally, is the approximate number of weeks in the summer).  Be sure to reward yourself with something delicious …

2015 Summer Reading List Middle Grade Books, picture of kids outside

Summer Reading List 2015 for Middle Grade Readers

Executive Editor Book Buzz

Love, love, love everything about summer!  The beach, camping, sunsets, Fourth of July, vacations–it is all wonderful, but the best part may be no homework!  But a delicious book isn’t work, it is just fun.  So we hand-picked twelve books to read this summer (which, not coincidentally, is approximately one book per week).  Our focus was to pick fun reads …